Custom shoe inserts for flat feet

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“Flat feet” is a commonly used term to describe a condition where the arches of the feet have collapsed, causing this part of the foot to make complete or near-complete contact with the ground. This can happen for reasons including the arches not developing during childhood, not recovering properly from injury and natural age-related degeneration. Flat feet do not necessarily cause pain, but they can result in foot pain and other symptoms for some.

While there is no cure for flat-footedness, there are several ways to relieve related pain or improve mobility problems that occur, with custom shoe inserts being a very common option. The right pair of inserts can provide added support and cushioning that is often needed to address the specific biomechanical requirements of people with flat feet.

How can custom shoe inserts help flat feet?

Over-the-counter shoe inserts that you can buy in a store can be helpful for many people, but they are often designed for the “typical foot.” If someone has fallen arches combined with other foot irregularities, it can be difficult to find a pair of orthotic inserts that are right for their specific needs.

Here are some of the main advantages that custom shoe inserts provide for someone with flat, or even flatter-than-average, feet:

  • Increased arch, heel and forefoot support as required
  • More durable construction
  • Materials that can provide longer-lasting comfort
  • A better fit compared to ready-made inserts

Not all custom foot orthotic devices are created equal however, so it’s important to select a high-quality solution from an experienced manufacturer.

Biocorrect custom orthotics for flat feet

At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we draw on decades of hands-on experience with foot and ankle problems, in addition to other lower extremity imbalances associated with knees, hips and lower back, to make custom inserts that are specific to your needs, especially arch issues such as flat feet. We’re proud to offer our customers the convenience of fully customized orthotic devices that you can order online right from your home. After placing your order, you will receive a home impression kit, that includes a health history form, instructions for taking digital pictures of your feet and a foam impression kit. Our experts will then analyze your data and handcraft a pair of custom orthotics tailored specifically to your feet and lifestyle.

We also offer a full range of semi-custom and over-the-counter insole options that are of exceptional quality and can meet the needs of every lifestyle, age and budget.

To learn more and place your order, visit us today at our online store.