What to expect from a biomechanical foot exam

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Our feet are an intricate construction of bones, muscles and connective tissue that must work together in a very specific way to accomplish the basic activities we need to get through the day. It is very easy for the feet to become misaligned due to a combination of structural and biomechanical abnormalities. In some cases these abnormalities may not cause any problems, but for others it can contribute to injuries not just in the feet, but throughout the lower body. 


If you are dealing with foot pain or any related problem, a biomechanical foot exam can help identify misalignments and structural issues that may be the underlying cause. We’re sharing the following basic overview to help you better understand what to expect at a biomechanical foot exam. 


Typical steps in a biomechanical foot exam


Biomechanical foot exams should be performed by an experienced and qualified professional. Here is what to expect when you have one performed on you: 

  • Review of your medical history
  • Postural examination to determine how you distribute body weight while standing 
  • Gait analysis to assess how you walk and possibly run 
  • Hands-on examination and measurement of the feet to detect structure

The goal of a biomechanical foot exam is to identify structural features, such as arch type, and biomechanics such as lateral foot movement. If necessary, the person performing the exam will use the results to recommend custom orthotic insoles to address problems that could be contributing to pain and injury. 

Biocorrect insoles are based on biomechanical foot expertise

When you come to a Biocorrect office, you can expect to receive a thorough biomechanical foot exam to assess your needs. We can then handcraft a pair of fully customized orthotics that work with your natural foot motion to relieve pain and promote lower body alignment. 

Need to order from your home? Our biomechanical experts can send you an at-home moldable foam impression kit that can provide us with all the data necessary to design custom orthotics for people of all walks of life. We want to help you maintain the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve. 

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