Do you need a biomechanical evaluation? Three signs to watch for

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A biomechanical evaluation is a test, performed by a qualified professional, of your posture and movement to identify potential imbalances and misalignments that could be contributing to injury or mobility problems. This assessment can be performed for the whole body, or it can be performed for a specific area, such as the feet. 

If you are dealing with any potential biomechanical problems that are interfering with your ability to perform normal activities, you may be wondering if an evaluation is right for you. While this is ultimately a personal decision that depends on a number of factors, there are some common indicators that can make a biomechanical evaluation highly recommended. 

Consider a biomechanical evaluation if these apply to you

Here are three signs to watch for that can tell you it may be time to seek a biomechanical evaluation:

  1. You have persistent lower body pain and injury — Many injuries, from plantar fasciitis in the feet to runner’s knee, are rooted in misalignment and imbalance in the body’s movement chain. A biomechanical evaluation can identify these imbalances so proper treatment recommendations can be made. 
  2. You have tried over-the-counter insoles without success — If you’re dealing with foot pain, you may have tried mass-market insoles without finding the relief you need. In this case it may be time to seek an evaluation from a qualified medical professional who may recommend custom orthotics. 
  3. You’ve identified a potential biomechanical issue but need confirmation — While it may be tempting to self-diagnose a biomechanical problem, there is no substitute for professional advice. A qualified biomechanical expert can confirm and diagnose issues such as high arches or under- or overpronation in the feet. 

When receiving an evaluation, you can expect to get a review of your medical history, perform movement tests and get a hands-on examination of the targeted area. 

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab can help you solve biomechanical issues

Biocorrect and our line of top-quality orthotics can help you overcome many of the common issues affecting the feet that are revealed in a biomechanical evaluation. At our offices, our experts can evaluate your movements and foot structure so we can craft custom orthotics to help you maintain the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve. We can also send you a convenient at-home moldable foam impression kit that gives our biomechanical experts all the data needed to create your custom orthotics. 

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