Types of foot orthotics for ankle pain

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Since the feet and ankles are so close together, it follows that these two parts of the body can easily affect each other. While certain ankle injuries, such as sprains, are commonly the result of an acute injury, others, including Achilles tendinitis, are more frequently caused by repetitive motions. 

With ankle injuries related to repetitive motion, the structure and mechanics of the feet can play a significant role. For instance, if the feet rotate too far inward with each step it can place additional stress on the ankles and the Achilles tendon, contributing to ankle pain. While ankle orthotics do exist, they are constricting by nature and are not generally a long-term solution. 

In contrast, a high-quality pair of foot orthotics should be designed to promote the natural motion of both the feet and ankles. This in turn can reduce the stress on this load-bearing joint and potentially improve ankle pain. 

What types of orthotic insoles can help with ankle pain?

Orthotic shoe inserts come in a wide variety of types, from mass-market products to prescription insoles. At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we have a full line of insoles for every need, lifestyle and budget. Our orthotics use high-grade materials and are crafted by biomechanical experts to address the full spectrum of issues affecting the lower body, including ankle pain. 

Our options include:

  • Fully custom orthotics
  • Semi-custom orthotics
  • Stride-FIT insoles, a customizable and heat-moldable orthotic
  • Comfort-FIT, a high-quality ready-made solution
  • Slim-FIT, designed for low-profile footwear

We have an option for people young and old, office worker to athlete and for all types of shoes and activities. 

Fully custom orthotics for foot and ankle pain relief

Don’t let ankle pain run your life. Biocorrect’s moldable foam at-home impression kit gives you the ability to be fitted for custom orthotics without leaving your home. We’ll use your unique data combined with advanced 3D modeling technology to craft insoles that can offer comfort and improved foot mechanics so you can relieve stress on your ankles with every step. 

Learn more and select the pair of orthotics that are right for you by visiting our online store today.