Orthotics for hip bursitis — do they help?

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If you’re suffering from hip bursitis, you know what a painful and debilitating problem this can be. This condition is caused by inflammation of tiny sacs that help lubricate joints such as the hips and shoulders. Bursitis is typically a repetitive motion injury that develops due to pressure and stress being repeatedly placed on a joint. 

It’s critical to work closely with your doctor or other qualified health care professional to develop a well-rounded treatment plan if you’ve been diagnosed with hip bursitis. One very common treatment recommendation is for patients to get fitted for foot orthotics. Although it may seem counterintuitive, the underlying idea is that by addressing misalignments and imbalances in the foot, the right pair of orthotics can reduce stress on the hips. 

Improving biomechanics to relieve stress on the lower body

Although the feet and hips are on opposite sides of the lower body, they are highly interconnected as part of the musculoskeletal system’s kinetic chain. To achieve movement, our muscles, connective tissue and bones all have to move together in a precise way. A structural or mechanical misalignment in the feet can cause a chain reaction that travels all the way up to the hips. 

Issues in the feet that can put increased stress on the hips include: 

  • Overpronation, or excessive inward foot rotation
  • Supination, or excessive outward foot rotation
  • High arches
  • Low arches, also known as flat feet

While these and other conditions may not be the direct cause of hip bursitis, they can increase the pressure that is placed on the hips with every step. Likewise, while foot orthotics are not a “cure” for hip problems such as bursitis, they can potentially offer noticeable relief by promoting natural biomechanics and a smoother stride. 

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