Two simple ways the best insole can help hip pain

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Whether due to injury or natural age-related changes, hip pain can be seriously disruptive to your quality of life. When your hips act up, you can have a hard enough time getting out of a chair, let alone walking, running or doing your job.

When visiting a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of hip pain, some people are surprised to find their feet are contributing to a problem in the hips. This is because the musculoskeletal system in the lower body is highly connected in one long kinetic chain. If there is an issue in the biomechanics of the feet, it can actually cause misalignment in other areas, particularly the knees and hips.

Among other treatments such as stretches, posture improvement, rest and hot and/or cold compression therapy, orthotic insoles can be a common recommendation to correct the foot problems that may be related to hip pain. If you’re wondering how orthotics can help hip pain and want to find the best insoles for you, we’ve prepared the following guide.

Here are the two main ways orthotic insoles help the hips

Finding the best insoles for hip pain can help you find relief by:

  • Increasing comfort — If normal foot motion is uncomfortable, it can cause you to alter your gait in a way that puts increased strain on the hips.

  • Increasing support — By providing increased support to the arches, heels and forefoot, an insole can promote natural foot mechanics that have a positive effect up the kinetic chain.

  • The best insole for hip pain can vary depending on a person’s exact needs, with some people finding success from an over-the-counter option and others needing a custom orthotic. The common denominator should be high-quality materials, a good fit and expert biomechanical design.  

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