A guide to knee pain and how finding the best insoles may help

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Knee pain can have many causes, and it’s crucial to see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment if you are dealing with knee pain that doesn’t get better after a few days or a week. The knees are an important joint that bears tremendous stress as it supports the upper body, allows for mobility and absorbs energy coming up from the feet.

The complex collection of tendons and ligaments that make up the knee have muscles from the upper and lower legs pulling on them at all times as we go through our normal daily movements of walking, getting up and down from sitting, climbing stairs, running and jumping. All of these factors can add up to knee pain if a mechanical or muscular imbalance develops somewhere in the lower body, including the feet.

How the feet may be contributing to your knee pain

The feet are mechanically complex in their own right and it’s very easy for a structural or biomechanical issue to develop in the feet that throws off your whole stride. Here’s one example of how a foot problem can travel up to the knee:

  • A structural issue such as high or low arches can cause over- or under-pronation of the foot.
  • This can put increased stress on the knee due to increased side-to-side motion on a joint that is designed to move forward and back.
  • This stress can develop into a strain or sprain that causes normal knee movements to become painful.

If a foot problem is identified as a contributor to your knee pain, orthotic insoles may be recommended as a corrective solution.

How to find the best insoles for you

To be effective, the best insoles should be made from durable state-of-the-art material and support the natural mechanics of the foot while still offering comfort. While over-the-counter insoles work for many, others require a custom-fitted solution to address unique concerns.

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