Three reasons to use custom orthotics if you're walking more

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Walking is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health, and it can have many other benefits as well. However, doing more walking can also lead to more discomfort and pain in your legs and feet. 

One way that you can avoid pain when you increase your walking distance is to use custom orthotics in your shoes. Researchers report that on average, Americans walk about 5,900 steps per day, and many people have been trying to increase their walking distance recently. But issues with your feet and legs or just increasing your distance too fast can trigger pain. In turn, this pain can hold you back from reaching your goal. Fortunately, custom orthotics are an option that can help you address pain and increase your chances of meeting your goal. 

Three reasons to use custom orthotics when increasing how much you’re walking

Custom, or personalized, orthotics are built to address specific issues with your feet and legs. This helps them to be more effective than store-bought shoe inserts. When you’ve started walking more, personalized orthotics can help with: 

  1. Increasing foot support — Having good support for your foot arch is vital for people who are walking more. Not doing so can cause your arches to collapse. A lack of foot support can also put more pressure on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. In turn, all these structures could become more painful. 
  1. Reducing stress on joints — While personalized orthotics might seem like they can only help your feet, they can also benefit your entire lower body. These products provide cushioning that’s intended to reduce stress on your joints as you walk. Additionally, they can improve foot stability, which takes even more pressure off your other lower body joints. 
  1. Decreasing risk of injuries — Walking more can leave you open to many foot and lower body injuries. One of these injuries is plantar fasciitis. This injury happens when the plantar fascia that runs along the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed. 

Personalized orthotics are designed to provide cushioning and arch support that can help address and prevent plantar fasciitis. One medical study reports that these products helped 70% of patients see a significant improvement in their plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Find custom orthotics that can make your walking more comfortable at Biocorrect

Are you ready to get custom orthotics that offer all the benefits above and more? Our team at Biocorrect is primed to help you get the personalized orthotics that can help meet your needs. We can do a one-on-one in-person or online consultation to determine what issues you need help with. 

Then, our specialists take a foam impression of your feet and use it to build you the personalized orthotics that fit you specifically. We can even send a foam impression kit and instructions to your home if you aren’t able to come see us in person.

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