Should you buy custom insoles online?

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For a large number of people with foot pain and other issues affecting the lower body, custom orthotic insoles can help provide comfort, stability and support. While prefabricated inserts can be effective for many people, the increased durability and more exact specifications of a custom insole can become necessary for others, such as for a physically demanding sport or for people who have an irregular foot type. 

For years, the primary option for people seeking a custom insole was to have prescription orthotics fitted and crafted through a podiatrist. Today however, there are more choices than ever for people seeking a high-quality insole made to the specifications of their foot. With developments in orthotic technology and the growing dominance of e-commerce, it has even become possible to order a pair of custom insoles online and have them fitted from the comfort of your own home.

How it’s become possible to buy custom insoles online

It’s natural to be skeptical at the prospect of receiving a pair of custom-measured orthotics without actually going to an office for an in-person fitting. But the fact is that today the technology exists to collect all the information necessary for crafting the insoles remotely. This technology includes: 

  • Moldable foam — Traditionally, the casting for a pair of custom orthotics was made from plaster, which is messy, heavy and requires specialized training to make an accurate model of the foot. Medical-grade moldable foam is clean, light and can be used to make accurate impressions with minimal assistance.  
  • Digital photography — The ability to take high-resolution photographs that can be easily shared gives custom insole makers a treasure trove of data about foot structure. 
  • 3-D imaging — Data collected from the impression and photographs can be combined with health history information to create a fully functioning 3-D model of the foot in a computer. Orthotics makers can then custom-design an insole that is measured to the exact specifications and addresses key structural and mechanical features of each foot. 

These technological innovations have allowed for custom insoles online that offer better value and more convenience to wearers without a sacrifice in quality.   

Custom insoles from Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab

Biocorrect offers industry expertise and state-of-the-art technology to people seeking a custom insole to address foot pain and biomechanical difficulties in the lower body. Where traditional orthotics could cost as much as $600 to $800 and take months to deliver, we can craft a fully customized insole for $300 that comes right to your door in weeks. 

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