Custom shoe inserts or prefabricated inserts — which is right for you?

Biocorrect, LLC


From mass market over-the-counter insoles to fully customized orthotics, millions of people turn to shoe inserts to address foot pain, biomechanical inefficiencies or just to have more comfort during a long workday. Finding the right pair of inserts can represent a significant improvement in your quality of life, helping you stay productive and active. 

With the sheer volume of options available, this can be a surprisingly difficult decision to make. Deciding between custom shoe inserts and prefabricated inserts is a great place to start the process, which is why we’ve prepared this informative and easy-to-understand guide. 

Benefits of custom shoe inserts

There really is no right answer when choosing between these categories — and ultimately, it’s a personal decision. For example, a person with a more regular foot profile who is just seeking increased comfort for exercise or a physically-demanding job will often do just fine with a pair of high-quality over-the-counter insoles. 

However, people with issues like high or low arches that are contributing to pain and injury may benefit more from custom shoe inserts. A common recommendation is to start with over-the-counter inserts, since they are less expensive and readily available. Then, you can explore the possibility of custom orthotics if problems persist. 

Specific benefits of custom shoe inserts include:

  • More durable — Custom inserts are typically made from the highest-grade materials that can offer longer-lasting comfort and support. 
  • Designed for your foot — Different foot structures and biomechanics put pressure and stress on parts of the foot in unique ways. A custom shoe insert can provide the right level of support while promoting natural foot motion and relieving discomfort. 

Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab has options for everyone

At Biocorrect Custom Orthotic Lab, we offer a full range of options for orthotic insoles, including prefabricated, semi-custom and fully customized solutions. Where other manufacturers take a one-shape-fits-all approach across their lines, we provide a fully-integrated system and lab designed to address your unique needs and biomechanics. We’re also backed by more than 25 years of experience in this field. 

Want to learn more? Research our products, read testimonials and order the shoe inserts that fit your needs at our online store today