Insoles to help “bad knees”

Biocorrect, LLC


It’s easy to feel like you’re cursed with “bad knees” if you have to deal with frequent knee pain that keeps you away from your favorite activities. This can be due to a number of different conditions and factors, from arthritis to a propensity to develop ligament sprains and tears. Similarly, there are also many lifestyle factors that can increase the stress on our knees, including weight gain, posture and even diet. 

While nobody can control age-related or genetic causes that have a negative impact on our knee health, you should do everything possible to lessen the stress and strain you place on your knees. One solution that helps many people is the use of orthotic insoles. By having a better understanding of how the right pair of insoles can help, you can make a more informed decision with the best chance of providing the relief you deserve. 

How can insoles for the feet help the knees?

Many of the conditions that lead people to say they have “bad knees” are degenerative problems that are nonreversible. However, while there isn’t a cure for problems like arthritis or fragile bones and ligaments, one way to help manage them is by decreasing the stress and pressure on them. 

This is where a high-quality pair of insoles can help. Orthotic insoles can promote healthier knees in the following ways:

  • Increased cushioning that reduces shock on the knees
  • Better support to encourage a more natural stride
  • Custom construction to help address mechanical imbalances

It’s important to understand that not all orthotics are created equal. Store-bought insoles may not provide the durability or natural foot motion needed to significantly help knee pain for people dealing with chronic conditions. 

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab

At Biocorrect, our mission is to design and craft insoles that help the biomechanics of the entire lower body. For people requiring a more intensive solution, our fully custom orthotics can be fitted from the comfort of home with our at-home moldable foam impression kit. 

We also have semi-custom and ready-made insoles that are made from top-grade materials and can offer a superior level of comfort and support compared to mass-market insoles. To learn more and order the right solution for your needs, visit our convenient online store.