Four benefits that arch support can offer if you’re looking for knee pain relief

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If you’re dealing with knee pain, it can have a serious and negative impact on your ability to enjoy the people and activities you love. Depending on the underlying cause, the pain can improve in a few days or it can be a lingering issue that is related to a nonreversible condition, like arthritis. No matter what, there are steps that anyone can take to find improve knee health and relieve the stress placed on the knees. 

Activities like getting regular exercise, staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet, and practicing proper movement and posture can all help if you’re looking for knee pain relief. Another option is finding a pair of orthotics that provide arch support. The biomechanical abnormalities that can result from having high or low arches can increase the stress being placed on the knees. By finding high-quality insoles with the right level of arch support, wearers can enjoy a number of specific benefits. 

Insoles with arch support can help with knee pain in the following ways

Here are some of the specific benefits arch support for knee pain can offer:

  1. Shock absorption — With each step, the force from the ground travels up through the feet and the lower body, including the knees. Insoles with arch support can absorb some of the shock and reduce pressure on the knees. 
  2. Improved biomechanics — High-quality insoles that provide arch support can help address imbalances that push and pull on the knees during movement. 
  3. Ability to stay on your feet longer — With the comfort and support offered by orthotic insoles, people dealing with knee pain can perform normal activities for longer periods of time. 
  4. Less risk of compensatory injury — Since our lower bodies are so connected, a problem in one area can start a chain reaction that travels all the way up to the hips and even the lower back. With a more natural stride and less stress throughout the lower body, arch support can potentially prevent these problems. 

Biocorrect offers top-quality arch support across our full line of insoles

At our full orthotics system and lab, our experts craft insoles with arch support that can help address a wide range of biomechanical difficulties, including knee pain. Our fully custom orthotics provide an individualized fit that is tailored to the structure and mechanics of your foot. By using our at-home moldable foam impression kit, you can even follow our easy instructions to be fitted from home. 

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