How much do good arch supports cost?

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We’ve probably all worn shoes that look great but provide no support. Arch support is essential for keeping your body in alignment and preventing painful foot conditions. The good news is that you can purchase inserts that provide the arch support you need with your favorite pairs of shoes. But how much should you expect to spend?

Read on to learn about the basics of arch support and how much it costs to buy good inserts.

The basics of arch support

Arch support refers to inserts that are placed in your shoe to reinforce both ends of your foot’s arch, from your heel bone to the forefront. It’s used to alleviate the strain that’s placed on your foot muscles while standing and walking. 

The benefits of arch support include:

  • Preventing or reducing pain.
  • Aligning your feet, knees, hips and back during movement.
  • Evenly distributing pressure across the foot.
  • Providing balance and stability.

How much do good feet arch supports cost?

Arch supports can make a big difference in preventing foot pain and conditions, but it’s important to know how much you should expect to spend on quality arch support inserts that will be both comfortable and effective. 

The insert should mold to your foot and match the height of your arch. It’s important that the insert is both durable and firm so that it can provide lasting support over time. 

The cost of arch supports can fall into a wide price range of $15 up to $80. But when you’re looking for good quality arch supports that won’t break the bank, you should expect to spend between $25 and $60. That’s not counting custom arch supports that have a price tag of $300 to $800.

At Biocorrect, we have over-the-counter arch support solutions as well as custom orthotics to fit your budget without compromising quality.

Biocorrect offers competitively priced, quality arch supports 

Arch support plays a vital role in preventing foot pain that can interfere with your quality of life, and at Biocorrect, we offer quality arch supports that will give your feet the care they deserve at a good price.

Contact us to learn more about the orthotics we offer or to set up an initial evaluation with one of our certified pedorthists.