How custom molded insoles help with foot pain

Biocorrect, LLC


Studies have shown that a majority of the population suffers from some form of foot pain, with more than a third reporting pain that could be described as moderate to severe. Foot pain can have a number of causes and contributors, including biomechanical issues, poor posture, weak muscles, obesity and improper footwear. If you’re looking to find relief from chronic foot pain, taking a proactive approach is very important. 

One of the best ways to take charge of your foot pain is with custom molded insoles. This is another term for custom foot orthotics, which are inserts that fit into the bed of your shoes and are designed to provide increased cushioning and support. Custom molded insoles offer several advantages over mass-market insoles that are sold over the counter. To help you understand how they can help address your foot pain, take a moment to read this helpful guide. 

What sets custom molded insoles apart

A high-quality pair of custom orthotics offers the following benefits: 

  • Made to your exact measurements — Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, custom molded insoles are made for your feet and their unique structure. 
  • Increased comfort — Custom insoles are typically made with higher-quality materials to provide better cushioning that holds up for people who stay on their feet for long periods of time or have intense workouts. 
  • Promotes natural biomechanics — Foot pain is often caused by mechanical issues like overpronation. With a custom molded insole, you can get the support you need to address these problems without disrupting your natural stride. 

At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, our experts have more than 25 years of experience helping people address the sources of foot pain and related issues. We’re proud to have created a high-quality custom molded insole that is affordable and convenient for our customers. 

Experience the Biocorrect difference

Our fully custom orthotic can be ordered online and fitted by you from home with our unique at-home moldable foam impression kit. Simply send the kit back to us, and our experts can create a fully functional 3D model of your feet that we’ll use to custom-craft your insoles. We have a very high success rate, and our satisfied customers include everyone from elite athletes to people who work long shifts. 

Get your life back from foot pain with our state-of-the-art custom molded insoles. To learn more and order your pair today, visit our online store.