Four signs you need arch supports for flat feet

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Flat feet go by a lot of different names, including low arches, fallen arches and collapsed arches. No matter what the term is, it describes a condition where the arches in the feet are not raised up off the ground when standing. This can be illustrated by a foot print that shows the complete outline of the foot, instead of an inward curve where the arch would be. 

Having flat feet is a relatively common issue that can be related to genetics, developmental conditions, aging and injury. In many cases it is not painful at all and doesn’t cause any noticeable mobility problems. This isn’t true of everyone, however. Some people with flat feet turn to arch supports to help them overcome discomfort and misalignments in the feet that can often be associated with having low arches. 

How do you know if arch supports are right for you?

If you’ve been diagnosed with flat feet and are wondering if increased arch support may be helpful, here are some signs to look out for: 

  1. Your feet are prone to soreness — Sometimes flat feet have to work a little harder to move. Proper arch support can alleviate excess movement and associated foot soreness.
  2. You overpronate — One particular form of excessive movement is overpronation or pronounced inward rotation of the foot when stepping. Overpronation can lead to problems like plantar fasciitis and other injuries.  
  3. You get tired easily when walking or running — Being easily fatigued can indicate that you’re working too hard to move your feet due to a lack of arch support. In addition to relieving soreness, arch supports can also potentially help you increase your energy level. 
  4. You also have ankle or knee pain — The misalignment and extra motion sometimes associated with flat feet can increase the stress on other joints in the lower body, such as the ankles and knees. While arch supports can’t “cure” ankle or knee pain, they can address a significant contributor. 

When looking for a pair of orthotic insoles that offer arch support for flat feet, it’s essential to find a high-quality product that also promotes the natural biomechanics of the feet. 

The Biocorrect mission

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab and our entire team feels passionately about delivering an insole that doesn’t just superficially support the arches, but instead integrates arch support into a fully customizable system for the entire foot. 

Our custom orthotic insoles are crafted by experts using the best materials and are made to the exact measurements and mechanics of your individual foot. Check out our online store to learn more about our full product line and the benefits we can offer.