Arch inserts for shoes — three types you can try

Biocorrect, LLC


The arches in our feet have to do a lot of work. These structures, composed of bone, muscle and connective tissue, are essential to supporting and stabilizing the feet while we stand and move. While the arches are designed to work in a specific way for proper foot mechanics, it doesn’t mean they don’t need a little help sometimes. 

This is especially true for people who have been diagnosed with high or low arches, but it can just as easily apply to anyone. By providing increased arch support, orthotic inserts can help people deal with soreness and fatigue and they can even address issues further up the body’s kinetic chain. 

However, it’s important to find arch inserts that still support our natural biomechanics. That is the idea that Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab is founded on. Our experts have developed a full range of insoles for every need and budget. To help you better understand your options and our advantages, we’re sharing the following guide. 

Biocorrect offers three different approaches to arch support with these inserts

Our options for arch inserts for shoes can be divided into these three categories:

  • Fully custom — Our fully custom orthotics are measured to the exact dimensions of each wearer. This means we have a solution that supports the unique properties of your arches. 
  • Semi-custom — Semi-custom arches are made with the same grade of materials and use the same corrections as our fully custom without using a full impression. This can be a great option for younger wearers who need arch support but whose feet are still growing.  
  • Ready-made solutions — We also have a range of inserts that offer arch support and natural mechanics that offer superior quality compared to mass-market over-the-counter insoles. We even offer inserts that are designed for low-profile shoes without sacrificing the arch support you need. 

Our satisfied customers include athletes of all ability levels, people who work physical jobs and those who just want to enjoy an active lifestyle. 

Find the orthotic insert that’s right for you

To find out which type of arch insert is right for you and your choice of shoes, check out our online store today. No matter where you are, we’ll be happy to get you fitted for our custom orthotics by sending you our unique at-home moldable foam impression kit.