Four reasons to consider custom orthotics

Biocorrect, LLC


Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that are crafted to the dimensions of a wearer’s foot. Traditionally, this has involved a visit to a podiatrist, a prescription and a lengthy fitting process. The result is that the prospect of custom orthotics is often prohibitively expensive and inconvenient, even for people who think they may need them. 

However, with the development of technology that allows for more precise fitting without the need for plaster and more efficient fabrication techniques, custom orthotics are more widely available than ever before. For people dealing with foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain or other issues who are trying to decide if custom orthotics are right for them, we’ve created the following guide. 

Here’s why people get fitted for custom orthotics

Custom orthotics can be beneficial for people in the following situations: 

  1. You’ve tried mass-market insoles — Due to their wide availability and affordable price, people seeking comfort and support for their feet often start with store-bought insoles. While they work for some, if they aren’t fixing your problem, or if they’re causing new ones, custom orthotics may be the right solution.
  2. You’ve been diagnosed with high or low arches — High or low arches don’t always cause problems, but when they do, it can wreak havoc on your lower body’s kinetic chain. The right pair of custom orthotics can not only support your arches, but improve overall mechanics and alignment in your feet. 
  3. Your foot problems are traveling up the body — Mechanical problems in the feet can increase stress on the ankles, knees, hips and even the lower back. With the corrections provided by custom orthotics, the potential for injury in these areas can be significantly reduced. 
  4. Pain and injury are affecting your livelihood and favorite activities — Some people decide they can live with small problems without the need for custom orthotics if it’s just a minor inconvenience; others with more severe and persistent pain may be more quick to take action. It’s important to note that taking a proactive approach can help prevent even seemingly minor problems from worsening. 

What sets Biocorrect’s custom orthotics apart? 

Biocorrect is proud to offer a fully custom orthotic insole that is competitively priced at $300. Whether you visit our office or are fitted at home with our moldable foam impression kit, you can expect a state-of-the-art hand-crafted orthotic that is fitted your exact measurements. If you’d like to learn more about our full product line and order the solution that’s right for you, visit our online store today.