Do insoles work? Three factors to consider

Biocorrect, LLC


People dealing with foot pain, sore feet after a long day or other problems are sometimes hesitant to try insoles, even if they’ve been recommended. In some cases, it may be because of a negative personal experience caused by lower-grade store-bought insoles. In others, it could be because of a story from someone who bought prescription orthotics and did not have success. 

These and other situations lead many consumers to wonder whether insoles even work at all. The fact is that for a large number of people, insoles work and allow them to get through a day of work or play their favorite sport in comfort. While no product or solution works for every single person, making an informed decision and understanding some of the key facts around insoles can go a long way toward finding the pair that works for you. 

Look for these qualities in an insole that works

To give yourself the best chance of getting the results you need from an insole, here are some important factors to look out for: 

  1. Customization — Everyone has different mechanics and structure in their feet. If it is determined that you have an issue such as high or low arches, there’s a good chance that insoles fitted to the exact dimensions of your feet will be more effective. 
  2. Materials and build quality — For insoles to work properly, they should be made of the right materials and crafted correctly to align the feet and ensure natural biomechanics. 
  3. Expert design Insoles should be designed by experts in the structure and mechanics of the lower body to ensure that they will work properly and not increase the risk for injury due to transfer of stresses. 

Biocorrect is happy to offer functional insoles that are crafted to achieve these qualities. 

Find out how Biocorrect can work for you

Our full line of insoles is built to combine results, durability, value and convenience into a complete package for our customers. If you’re seeking a ready-made insole to provide increased comfort for a range of activities, our Comfort-FIT insoles can work for you. For people requiring a fully customized fit, we offer a custom orthotic insole that you can even fit yourself with our precise and easy moldable foam at-home impression kit. 

To learn more and select the insole that works for you, visit our online store today.