Did you know insoles may help hip pain?

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Our hip joints connect the legs to the pelvis, effectively joining the upper and lower bodies through a complex arrangement of muscles, tendons and other soft tissue. Like other joints, the hips must be strong enough to support a tremendous amount of weight while also being flexible enough for the entire range of motion needed to perform basic movements. Also like other joints, these factors make the hips vulnerable to the development of injuries and conditions that can cause pain. 

Whether you’re seeking relief from arthritis, bursitis or a simple hip flexor strain, don’t forget to pay attention to your feet as part of your action plan. While the feet and hips are at opposite ends of the chain of movements that must be performed to enable everything from walking to running to jumping, they can still affect each other. 

How the feet can affect the hips

As we launch off our feet with every step, all of our bones and soft tissue have to work together in a very precise way. With the feet especially, if there is an imbalance or a structural abnormality, it can increase the stress all the way up the legs, causing problems all the way. In addition to stress on the ankles and knees, many people with hip pain also find that the feet play a surprisingly large role. 

By addressing these issues, a pair of high-quality insoles can potentially relieve pain in the following ways:

  • Supporting the arches — The arches play a key role in foot mechanics. Arch support can decrease under- or overpronation, which can relieve stress on the legs and hips. 
  • Absorbing shock — Insoles can provide added cushioning, decreasing the shock that travels up the lower body. 
  • Promoting natural foot mechanics — Insoles should do more than just support the arches. By supporting your unique foot motions while addressing issues, orthotics can help with hip pain.

For many people suffering from hip pain, their first step is to try over-the-counter mass-market insoles, but these often do not provide long-term relief due to flimsier materials and a lack of customization. 

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