Can shoe inserts do anything for your hip alignment?

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The answer is that shoe inserts can do several things to help your hip alignment, and custom orthotic inserts may be the best inserts to use to address hip alignment issues. 

Misalignment of the pelvis and hips is much more common than you might think. One study found that 91% of its male subjects and 82% of its female subjects had an anterior (forward) or posterior (backward) pelvic tilt. The pelvis and hips can also be misaligned vertically. Custom shoe inserts are one way you can address hip and pelvic alignment issues. 

How can custom shoe inserts help your address hip alignment problems?

Each part of your leg from your hips to your feet affects all the other parts — a hip alignment issue could actually be caused by issues with your feet or other leg structures. Custom shoe inserts can be useful in addressing mechanical and movement problems with your limbs. Some ways such inserts can help include: 

  • Reducing overpronation — When your foot rolls too far inward, it’s called overpronation. This tends to occur when you walk or run. It can be caused by conditions like plantar fasciitis. Overpronation can also happen if you have an inherited structural issue with your feet like high arches. A custom orthotic can help decrease overpronation. In turn, this can help take stress of the hips and pelvis. 

  • Decreasing supinationSupination occurs when your foot rolls too far outward as you walk or run. This type of foot movement often happens when people have high arches. Foot supination can twist the hips inward as you move, which can lead to hip misalignment over time. By addressing supination, a custom orthotic can also help decrease hip and pelvic misalignment.

  • Addressing leg length disparities — Many people have one leg that’s slightly longer or shorter than the other. It doesn’t take much of a length difference to cause problems in your pelvis, hips and feet; even just a few millimeters of difference can lead to issues over time. Custom orthotics can help balance out leg length differences, which means they can also help realign the rest of your leg structures, too. 

  • Find custom shoe inserts that can help your hip and pelvic alignment at Biocorrect

    Tired of living with hip and pelvic misalignment? Biocorrect has a team of certified pedorthists who can create custom shoe inserts to address your issues. Our specialists will do a comprehensive analysis of how your legs and feet move as you walk. This can help them detect issues like overpronation and supination. 

    In addition, our team will take a foam impression of your feet, and this impression can identify problems with your arches or leg length. The impression is also a vital part of creating your custom orthotics. 

    Contact us today for more information about our custom orthotics or to schedule an initial appointment with one of our certified pedorthists.