Are there side effects of wearing orthotics?

Biocorrect, LLC


People tend to only buy products when there’s a need, so when it comes to orthotics, it’s almost always to find relief from foot pain, ankle pain and other lower body issues. However, one thing that stops some people from using orthotics is the fear of potential side effects. Whether they’ve heard it from other wearers or have experienced it themselves, the prospect of orthotics actually making a problem worse can be highly prohibitive. 

The good news with orthotics is that while nothing is ever completely risk-free, high-quality orthotics generally offer a fairly low instance of side effects. With that being said, there are some factors to consider when choosing a pair of orthotic insoles that can potentially lead to risk of side effects. For example, lower-quality mass-market insoles have a number of issues that could actually cause problems for wearers. 

How can lower-quality orthotics cause side effects? 

Here are some of the issues that could be caused by selecting a pair of low-quality mass-market insoles: 

  • Increased soreness — While orthotics should decrease foot pain, in some cases they may cause it by making your feet work harder due to unnatural support. While there is typically a period of adjustment for any orthotics, ideally they should be made to conform to your natural stride type. 
  • Altered mechanics — Another side effect of insoles that only provide rudimentary support is that they can alter your body mechanics, causing postural changes that could potentially increase your injury risk. 
  • Compensatory injuries — Even if mass-market insoles do help with foot pain, it can sometimes come at the expense of increased pressure on other parts of the body, such as the knees and hips. This in turn could cause compensatory injuries in these areas. 

When looking for a pair of orthotics that don’t cause side effects, high-quality materials and a design that promotes natural body mechanics are very important. 

What sets Biocorrect orthotics apart?

At Biocorrect, our state-of-the-art orthotics are hand-crafted and backed by decades of expertise in addressing biomechanical issues in the lower body. Whether you select our fully custom orthotics or our ready-made solutions, you can be sure you’ll be wearing an insole that delivers lasting comfort and support without side effects. 

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