A quick guide to the types of orthotics we offer

Biocorrect, LLC


At Biocorrect we’re proud to offer a full line of high-quality, hand-crafted orthotic insoles to help people who are dealing with a variety of biomechanical issues in the lower body. Each of our product lines is specifically designed to fill a specific need or lifestyle without compromising quality or value. If you’re seeking increased comfort, lasting support and a more natural stride, we want to help match you with the right insoles. 

To help break down the core features of each of the types of orthotics we offer, we’re happy to share the following quick guide. Our mission is to get you back into action so you can enjoy your favorite people and activities — and understanding how we can help is a great first step!

What types of orthotics does Biocorrect craft?

We understand that lower body injuries and biomechanical problems can have many unique causes and can range in severity. That’s why unlike mass-market insoles and pricier prescription orthotics, Biocorrect aims to provide unique solutions for as many groups as possible. Our custom-crafted orthotic lines include: 

  • Custom orthotics — For the highest level of comfort and support, our fully custom orthotics are fitted to the exact specifications of wearers. You can even be fitted from home with our custom at-home moldable foam impression kit. 
  • Semi-Custom orthotics — Our Semi-Custom option uses the same materials and offers the same durability as our fully custom insoles but is prefabricated by our experts. A great solution for younger wearers with still-growing feet. 
  • Stride-FIT — This solution uses customizable inserts and heat-moldable foam to address biomechanical issues and injuries for wearers. 
  • Comfort-FIT — These are Biocorrect’s full-length, ready-made insoles that offer the perfect combination of support and comfort.
  • Slim-FIT — Our ¾-length orthotic offers relief and support for people who wear lower-profile shoes. 

All of our orthotics are made with high-grade materials and are backed by more than 25 years of biomechanical expertise. 

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Our products have a very high success rate and have helped many people, from athletes to retirees, regain a higher level of activity. 

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