A guide to finding insoles for your running shoes

Biocorrect, LLC


Running is a great form of pure exercise. It offers benefits for cardiovascular health, releases endorphins and can be a great stress reliever. However, running is also a high-impact activity that can take a toll on the body, particularly the feet. To help, many runners turn to purpose-built running shoes that offer increased support, cushioning and durability. Many shoes are also designed to help people with particular foot mechanics, such as a tendency to overpronate. 

While many running shoes come with an insole, or sock liner, it is common to replace it with an orthotic insole, especially if the runner is dealing with an injury or pain. If you’re considering purchasing a pair of running shoe insoles, the following guide can help you better understand what is available. 

What to look for in running shoe insoles

Running shoe insoles can run the gamut from over-the-counter products you can order online or buy at a sporting goods store to fully custom inserts you provided by a podiatrist or specialty store. At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we offer a full line of over-the-counter, semi-custom and fully custom orthotics that are designed for people of all ability levels dealing with all types of conditions. 

Here is an overview of our products that can be used as running shoe insoles:

  • Over-the-counter orthotics — Our prefabricated insoles are still made from high grade materials and are designed to offer comfort and support to runners while promoting natural foot motion.
  • Semi-custom orthotics — Our semi-custom options are made from the highest-quality materials and can be customized based on the preferred activity of the wearer, including running.  
  • Fully custom orthotics — These insoles use a foam impression and other measurements to be crafted to the exact specifications of the wearer’s feet. In addition to offering fittings at one of our offices, we can also send a moldable foam impression kit right to your home. 

Biocorrect custom orthotics has solutions for runners

Our orthotic insoles are backed by health care professionals and recommended by athletes. Here’s what just one of our satisfied runners has to say: 

“I have had Biocorrect orthotics for over 10 years now, and I can tell you that I will not get my orthotics from anyone else. I run ultra marathons and Iron-distance triathlons — using my orthotics as well as using them every day for work. The staff are awesome and their orthotics last." — Joseph F.

Visit our online store today to learn more about our products and order the running shoe insoles that are right for you.