2 heel inserts that will make your stilettos feel like clouds

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While some people only wear stilettos for special occasions, others like to wear them as part of their regular ensemble. Even though stilettos can be the perfect addition to many outfits, they don’t tend to be as comfortable as other footwear choices.

If you find that you’re wincing in pain with every step in stilettos, heel inserts can go a long way. Learn about why you can benefit from wearing inserts in your stilettos and options that are worth exploring.

Why you should wear heel inserts in your stilettos

Stilettos are one of the tallest types of heels, often measuring 5 or more inches. The high heel puts excessive pressure on the balls of your feet as well as toes, leading to pain and discomfort as you walk. It can also cause your weight to be unevenly distributed as you move, potentially causing pain in your hips and back as well as instability in your ankles.

Inserts can help when you’re wearing stilettos by:

  • Reducing heel pressure.
  • Providing increased cushioning for comfort.
  • Improving ankle stability.

2 heel inserts that will increase your comfort while wearing stilettos

Any heel insert should provide comfort as you take each step, as well as give your feet and ankles the support they need to reduce the risk of falling. At Biocorrect, we have two inserts that you can put into your stilettos that will make you feel like you’re walking on air while still reducing the risk of injury:

  • Comfort-FIT — Every type of shoe should be comfortable, whether they’re flats or high heels. When you’re wearing stilettos, Comfort-FIT orthotics are inserts that use self-molding materials to provide comfort to every part of your foot. These inserts also provide arch support, which stilettos often lack.

  • Custom orthotics — If you frequently wear stilettos, and you’ve recently started to feel the effects, then you should consider custom orthotics. Not only will you be able to get inserts that provide the comfort you want while wearing stilettos, they can also alleviate symptoms for conditions caused by heels, such as hammer toes or plantar fasciitis. 

  • Biocorrect can make you feel like you’re walking on clouds in stilettos with heel inserts

    With the right heel inserts, you can wear your favorite stilettos without pain getting in the way of your plans. At Biocorrect, our Comfort-FIT and custom orthotics can make sure you have the comfort and support you need, no matter how high you like your heels.

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