Where to get custom orthotics — three places to consider

Biocorrect, LLC


If you have persistent foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain or other problems, you may have been recommended to get custom foot orthotics. This is especially true if you’ve tried store-bought insoles without finding the results you need. Custom orthotics can be a big investment, so it’s important to fully explore your options to make sure you find the best pair for you. 

If you’re wondering about the available locations that can provide custom orthotics, we’re sharing the following information. With the continuing development of technology and biomechanical knowledge, there are more options than ever. Take a moment to review this following quick guide that can give a bigger picture of the full range of options available. 

Options for custom orthotics

Today, people seeking a pair of custom-fitted and crafted orthotics can use the following locations: 

  1. Podiatrist’s office — While this has been the traditional option for custom orthotics, going through a doctor can be costly and time-consuming. 
  2. Specialty stores — Some retail outlets advertise themselves as selling and crafting custom orthotics. If you choose this route, it’s important to determine if they are backed by biomechanical experts and can craft a quality product. 
  3. Your own home — The internet, advances in 3D modeling and the development of moldable foam has made it possible to fit yourself for custom orthotics, have them crafted by professionals and then delivered right to your door. Similarly to specialty stores, it’s important to find a provider who has the experience and knowledge necessary to craft a high-quality insole. 

At Biocorrect, we use the latest technology, industry-leading expertise and the highest grade of materials to craft custom orthotics for people from all walks of life. In addition to our in-office fittings, we also have options for online customers seeking a high-quality custom orthotic. 

Experience the Biocorrect difference

Whether you’re fitted at our office or you order from our online store, Biocorrect creates high-quality custom orthotics that are backed by experts with decades of experience addressing biomechanical issues throughout the lower body. When you order our insoles, we’ll be happy to send you our unique moldable foam impression kit that allows us to measure the exact dimensions of your feet. 

To learn more about our product line and order the solution that’s right for you, check out our online store today.