What you need to know about ordering shoe insoles online

Biocorrect, LLC


Before the rise of e-commerce, there were generally two places you went for shoe insoles: the drugstore and the podiatrist’s office. Both sources have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. With over-the-counter options in drugstores, you get convenience and a low price but trade durability and a custom fit. In contrast, prescription orthotics from a doctor may offer better materials and a more precise fit, but they are often prohibitively expensive and can involve traveling and weeks or months of waiting. 

Ordering shoe insoles online can offer the best of both worlds — as long as you choose the right provider. With the continued development of technology that allows for prescription-quality insoles to be sold directly to consumers, people dealing with foot pain and other issues can enjoy value, convenience and quality all in one package. 

Did you know you can even buy fully custom orthotic shoe insoles online?

While you may not be surprised that ready-made insoles can be ordered online, it’s also possible to be fitted for a pair of custom-made orthotics without leaving your home. At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we send customers who have ordered our fully custom orthotic insoles an at-home moldable foam impression kit. We can get all the information we need to create shoe insoles made to your exact measurements by having you follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the enclosed health history form.
  2. Take an impression of your feet with the moldable foam impression kit.
  3. Follow the instructions for taking digital pictures.
  4. Send the kit back to us.

With this information, our team can analyze your data and create a fully customized pair of orthotics just for you. Ordering our custom orthotics online can save you hundreds of dollars compared to prescription orthotics through a podiatrist. 

Biocorrect has a range of online shoe insole options

From fully custom to semi-custom and ready-made insoles, we have a product for every need, budget and lifestyle. All of our insoles are made from the highest-quality materials and backed by more than 25 years of expertise.

Visit our online store to order the orthotic insoles that are right for you.