Three signs you need custom-made foot orthotics

Biocorrect, LLC


Custom foot orthotics are an effective method of treating chronic foot pain, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. However, foot pain is not the only issue that orthotics are used to treat. Many other conditions such as arthritis and back pain can benefit from the use of custom foot orthotics. In fact, here are the three signs you should look for when considering whether foot inserts are your best option for pain relief.

  1. You have chronic lower back pain While some back pain is caused by spinal conditions, many cases of a sore back can be helped by using custom-made foot orthotics. The tightness in your lower back could be caused by poor posture or insufficient support when you stand or walk. Specifically, if you notice that your back pain worsens after a long day on your feet, custom-made orthotics will help to support the specific areas in your foot that are lacking cushion. This will help adjust your posture and reduce the pressure on your lumbar spine.
  2. Diabetes is causing foot numbness In some cases, diabetes can cause diabetic neuropathy, which is numbness in the feet. When this happens, custom-made foot orthotics can help to reduce stress on the feet that may lead to additional injury and damage. 
  3. Your feet are sore at the end of the day For many people, kicking your feet up at the end of the day is a relieving feeling. After being on your feet for hours, the pressure of your body weight on unsupportive shoes can cause pain in the arches and heels of your feet. Custom-made foot orthotics can help to reduce that pressure on your feet by adding extra support to your plantar fascia, which is the major ligament in your arch that connects your heel to your toes. Damage to the plantar fascia due to unsupportive shoes is one of the main causes of foot pains for Americans.

Custom-made foot orthotics are produced by taking a cast image of your foot and fitting each orthotic specifically to the mold and shape of your feet. This means that your arches will be entirely supported and your heels properly cushioned to help reduce foot and back pain. 

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