Three reasons your ankles will thank you for using custom shoe inserts

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They allow dancers to perform incredible feats, and they carry every one of us around when we’re at work, at home or out running errands. What are “they” exactly? Our ankles. 

However, everything we use our ankles for can become much harder if they start to hurt, and far too many Americans are dealing with this type of pain. One medical study reveals that nearly 12% of the adults surveyed reported ankle pain. There are many ways that you can address ankle pain or dysfunction, and one effective way to address these issues is custom shoe inserts, which are also called custom orthotics. 

Why will your ankles thank you for using custom shoe inserts? 

Custom shoe inserts are designed by certified professionals who are trained to design and create them. These professionals are known as pedorthists. Custom orthotics can also offer many benefits for your ankles, including: 

  1. Reducing pain — Custom orthotics are designed to provide a level of cushioning that’s unique to you. For instance, they often include extra padding in the heel area, and this padding helps reduce the pressure transmitted to your ankles when you walk, run or jump. As a result, custom orthotics often help reduce the amount of minor ankle aches and pains people experience. 
  1. Improving heel stability — Besides heel padding, custom orthotics can also include a heel stability cup. This specialized structure is designed to help keep the heel from moving too much as you move. The increased stability helps the rest of your ankle and foot do less work. 
  1. Decreasing your risk of ankle injuries — Issues like heel instability, overpronation and excessive supination can increase a person’s risk of ankle injuries. For instance, overpronation is linked to an increased risk of ankle sprains, which affect more than 850,000 Americans annually. Custom orthotics can help address all the issues above that can increase your ankle injury risk. 

Find the perfect custom shoe inserts for you at Biocorrect

Are you looking for custom orthotic shoe inserts? That’s one of the effective products that our Biocorrect team is proud to offer. Our orthotics are designed and manufactured by certified pedorthists, and the custom orthotic we create are typically designed using: 

  • The results of a one-on-one foot and gait evaluation. 
  • A custom foam mold of your feet. 

 Learn more about our products when you visit our online store today, or contact us today to schedule your foot and gait evaluation.