Three benefits of arch support for runners

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Running is such a popular fitness activity because it’s a great way to get the blood pumping and burn calories. While it can be challenging to get into, regular runners find it to be an enjoyable pastime because of the sense of accomplishment, the ability to enjoy the outdoors and the almost euphoric feeling that can come from a good run. However, it’s also very true that running is a high-impact exercise that puts a fair amount of stress on the lower body, particularly the feet. 

Every runner has unique biomechanics, but one very common issue is having excessively low or high arches. Although it doesn’t always cause problems, abnormal arches can interfere with optimal foot movement while running, leading to discomfort and even injury. If you’re a runner dealing with these types of difficulties, arch supports may be able to help.

What are the specific benefits that better arch support can offer for runners? 

Arch support is typically incorporated into an orthotic insole that is designed to be placed into the soles of your running shoes. These can either be ready-made or custom-crafted based on the individual shape and measurements of your foot. Proper arch support offers these primary benefits to runners:

  1. Enables a more comfortable run — If you’re unable to increase speed or distance due to aching and sore feet on your runs, better arch support may help. By decreasing the strain on your feet, you can potentially go farther, go faster or just have a nicer time.
  2. Addresses over- and underpronation — Pronation is the natural side-to-side motion of the feet during movement, but too much or too little can cause problems, including injuries like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. 
  3. Improves alignment throughout the lower body — Foot mechanics don’t just affect the feet, they can affect the kinetic chain that travels all the way up the ankles, knees, hips and even the lower back. By supporting the arches, it can put less strain on the other areas. This can potentially lower the risk of injuries such as runner’s knee, piriformis syndrome and other common running-related injuries. 

Not all orthotics offering arch support are created the same. Factors like materials, fit and biomechanical design all play a critical role in promoting the above benefits. 

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