The top 6 benefits of custom orthotics for Morton's neuroma

Biocorrect, LLC


Morton’s neuroma is a painful condition that affects the nerves in the ball of the foot. Up to 1 in 3 people have asymptomatic Morton’s neuroma. You may have it and not even know it. However, for those who have symptomatic Morton’s neuroma, it can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Custom orthotics can be crafted to help address your individual foot mechanics and can provide you with benefits in managing your symptoms. 

Benefits of wearing custom orthotics

Custom orthotics can boast a number of benefits in helping to manage symptoms of Morton’s neuroma:

  • Targeted support — Custom orthotics are designed from impressions of your feet. This allows them to give precise support to your arch and the ball of your foot. This can help ease pressure and help you say goodbye to that pesky pain. 
  • Metatarsal placement — Morton’s neuroma means there is an issue like inflammation of the bursae between your metatarsal heads. Custom orthotics can help make sure your metatarsal pads sit in the right place. Lining up these pads can help relieve pressure and keep irritation at bay.
  • Cushioning and shock absorption — Custom orthotics are made out of specific materials to help boost cushioning and absorb shock when you walk or stand. Orthotics can give the affected area a much-needed break from impact and strain.
  • Better biomechanics Custom orthotics are like a tailored suit for your feet. They help address any biomechanical issues that can be the culprit behind your Morton’s neuroma. By improving your foot alignment and function, custom orthotics can help provide immediate relief and can prevent trouble down the road.
  • Unique fit — Custom orthotics are created from impressions your podiatrist or orthopedic specialist makes of your feet. This ensures that your orthotics contour to your feet and only your feet. Custom orthotics ensure a snug fit and proper foot alignment to help prevent friction that can worsen your Morton’s neuroma.
  • Footwear compatibility — Afraid orthotics won’t fit in your shoes? Never fear! Custom orthotics can be designed to fit comfortably in a wide range of shoes, including athletic shoes, dress shoes and even heels. This helps make sure you always get the support you need without sacrificing your favorite shoes. 

Custom orthotics from Biocorrect can help you tackle Morton’s neuroma with style and comfort 

At Biocorrect, we create custom orthotics that can be the perfect addition to your toolkit for managing Morton’s neuroma. Our inserts aren’t just insoles, they’re created to be your key to comfort and relief. Whether you’re battling symptoms or you just want to take a proactive approach for asymptomatic Morton’s neuroma, our expert team can make it happen. 

Contact us to learn more about the orthotics we offer or to set up an initial evaluation with one of our certified pedorthists.