The best tip for dealing with high arch foot pain

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High arch foot pain is often caused by wearing unsupportive shoes and standing for long periods of time. While people often associate arch pain with flat feet, the truth is that people with high arches are equally at risk for foot pain as people with low arches. It all comes down to how well your plantar fascia ligament is supported. 

What causes high arch foot pain?

High arch foot pain is often caused when there is a gap between the plantar fascia ligament and the arch of your shoe, leaving your ligament unsupported and at risk for injury. The plantar fascia is the long ligament that runs down the bottom of your foot and through your arch, connecting the heel to the toes. Because this ligament is found at the very bottom of your foot, it supports the entire weight of the body. 

When you wear shoes that do not properly support your plantar fascia, the ligament can become strained under the weight of the body and wear down. When this happens, you may experience chronic foot pain, as well as pain in your ankle, knee and lower back.

The best solution for high arch foot pain

The best thing you can do for foot pain caused by high arches is to invest in shoe inserts that bridge the gap between the arch of your foot and your shoe. By properly supporting your high arches, you take the pressure off your plantar fascia ligament and the other joints in your body. This reduces your risk of developing chronic foot pain and also improves your ability to stand longer, meaning you can get back to the active lifestyle you enjoy. 

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