Should I get orthotics? Three signs to watch out for

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Getting through the day can be hard enough, but if you have foot pain or another problem affecting the lower body, it can be downright excruciating. Basic treatments like elevating your feet or using a cold compress can be helpful, but if you find yourself dealing with severe pain after being on your feet for periods of time, you should consider seeking the help of a qualified medical professional. 

Whether over-the-counter or custom-made, orthotics are a very common treatment recommendation for foot pain and even other lower body problems like knee pain or hip pain. If you’re seriously considering using any type of foot orthotic, we hope the following practical and informative guide can help. 

Indicators that orthotics can help

These are three common reasons that people have for getting orthotics:

  1. You have a physical job that causes frequent foot pain — People who spend long hours on their feet can be helped by the added comfort and support that orthotics can offer. Athletes are another group that commonly uses orthotics to support the feet through stressful training and events. 
  2. You have a structural issue with your foot — High arches, low arches and structural abnormalities in the foot can interfere with natural biomechanics and potentially contribute to foot pain and other issues. 
  3. You’re dealing with other lower body injuries — Many people are surprised to learn how mechanical and structural issues in the feet can throw off the alignment of the lower body and contribute to knee pain, hip pain and even back pain. The right pair of orthotics can help promote better alignment in the lower body, relieving some of the stress on the lower joints. 

If any of these apply to you and you’re unsure about where to start, it is common for people to first try ready-made insoles. If these do not offer relief, or you find they are wearing out quickly, custom orthotics can become a more viable option. 

Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab offers a full range of options

To help people overcome foot pain and regain an active lifestyle, Biocorrect provides a full line of orthotic insoles. Our custom and prefabricated orthotics are all made from high-grade materials and are backed by decades of expertise to promote a natural stride and lower body alignment. In addition to fittings at our office, we’re happy to send you a moldable foam at-home impression kit that lets you receive a pair of fully custom orthotics from the comfort of your own home. 

Learn more and order the orthotics that are right for your needs and lifestyle when you visit our online store today.