Preventing back pain from flat feet with custom orthotics

Biocorrect, LLC


Most people who experience chronic back pain assume that the pain is caused by something spine related. That makes sense, of course. However, a common culprit of lumbar pain is actually found in your feet — not your spine. Flat feet have been shown to cause stress and tension in the lumbar spine, making activities like standing or walking for a certain amount of time uncomfortable.

If you’ve been experiencing back pain that worsens when you stand or walk, consider trying custom orthotic inserts in your shoes. This simple yet effective solution helps to reduce the pain in your lower back by supporting your feet and taking pressure off your joints. 

The proof is in the footing

In a study published by the National Institutes of Health, 225 adults who had been experiencing lower back pain for more than three months were randomly placed into three groups: no treatment, orthotic insert treatment and orthotic inserts plus chiropractic treatment. After six weeks, the group with orthotic inserts reported significant improvement in lower back pain and mobility. 

Why did this happen? The answer comes down to one ligament in the foot — the plantar fascia. This ligament runs the length of the arch in the foot, and it connects the heel to the toes. It’s responsible for supporting the entire weight of the body. When unsupported, this ligament can become stretched, strained and worn down, leaving the weight of the body to rest on other joints, such as the knees and lumbar spine.

Custom orthotics help to cushion the plantar fascia by supporting the ligament so it can safely hold the weight of the body. By choosing this nonsurgical treatment option, you’ll be able to reduce the pressure in your lower back caused by flat feet. 

How to choose the right custom orthotic for lower back pain

At Biocorrect, we offer a competitive analysis that will help you choose the right custom orthotic insert for your needs. Check it out and contact us with any questions.