Orthotics — custom versus over-the-counter

Biocorrect, LLC


You’re undoubtedly aware of the large array of over-the-counter orthotic insoles available at nearly any retail outlet, from grocery stores to sporting goods stores. In fact, it’s possible that these mass-produced foot orthotics are the first thing you think of when you hear the term orthotics. 

Compared to custom orthotics, these mass market products are cheaper, quicker to get a hold of and sometimes claim to be designed with features that offer a similar level of support. While many people do start with store-bought orthotics, they can quickly discover that these products offer limited relief and often wear out very quickly. If you’re dealing with persistent foot pain or other issues, the following comparison can help you make an informed decision about whether custom orthotics are the best option for you. 

Benefits of custom orthotics

Custom orthotics, which are typically made from a mold of your feet and based on an analysis of your movement, can offer the following advantages compared to over-the-counter options:

  • Promotes your natural movement — Everyone has different movement patterns in their feet that can contribute to soreness and even injuries in other parts of the body. Custom-made orthotics can address these patterns to allow you to move in a more natural way. 
  • Better fit — Some over-the-counter orthotics take a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t offer optimal support and may even contribute to problems. 
  • Lasts longer — Custom orthotics are generally made from higher-grade materials that are designed for increased durability. 
  • More comfort — Similarly, better materials also mean orthotics can provide all-day comfort and relief instead of just a couple of hours at a time like so many mass market products. 

A problem that some people have with custom orthotics is the higher price point, especially when they are prescribed and fitted in a podiatrist’s office. At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we’re proud to craft top-quality custom orthotics that take advantage of technological developments which allow us to keep them competitively priced. 

The Biocorrect Custom Orthotics difference

We offer a full range of custom, semi-custom and ready-made orthotics to fit all needs, lifestyles and budgets. All of our products are backed by decades of industry expertise and made from top-quality materials. To learn more and order your pair, visit our online store today.