How do arch supports help flat feet?

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Flat feet, also known as low arches, fallen arches or collapsed arches, is a condition where the arches in the feet make increased contact with the ground, particularly when weight is placed on them. Having flat feet can range from having a slightly lower than average arch height to almost no arch at all — causing complete contact with the ground. 

Having flat feet is fairly common, approximately 20 to 30% of the population has some degree of flat footedness, and it is typically not painful or disabling by itself. However, the arches are designed to stabilize the feet during motion. This means having lower arches can lead to instability in the foot and mechanical problems that put increased stress both on other parts of the foot and even other areas of the lower body. 

Benefits of arch support for flat feet

Whether you’re on your feet for long periods of time at work or home or engaging in your favorite exercise or sport, having flat feet can cause an increased potential for the development of injuries. From plantar fasciitis to IT band syndrome, these problems can be connected to flat feet because of overpronation, which is the tendency for the feet to roll inward when walking or running. 

One way to address these and other mechanical issues for people with flat feet is with increased arch support, particularly through an orthotic insole. By supporting the arch and keeping it from flattening to the ground under weight, arch support for flat feet can promote more efficient mechanics all the way up the kinetic chain. 

Biocorrect provides more than just arch support for flat feet

When helping people with flat feet, arch support is only one piece of the puzzle. At Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab, we craft a full line of insoles designed for the entire foot. Blocking the arch and only the arch can result in other mechanical problems, which is why it is also important to properly support and cushion the heels and forefeet as well. 

Our fully custom, semi-custom and over-the-counter orthotic insoles have a very high satisfaction rate with our customers. You can come into one of our offices for a fitting or we’d be happy to send you our moldable foam impression kit that you can complete from home. 

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