Five signs you need orthotics for knee pain

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Knee pain can arise for a large number of reasons, but did you know it can often be related to a structural or mechanical issue in your feet? Problems like high or low arches or overpronation can put pressure on other parts of the lower body, particularly the knees. If you are experiencing knee pain that you believe is related to a biomechanical or structural problem in the feet, you should work with your doctor or other qualified medical professional to create a treatment plan. 

One commonly recommended form of treatment is custom orthotics for knee pain. The right pair of custom inserts can help by giving wearers increased comfort and support as they go throughout their day. If you’re wondering whether inserts may be able to help you, here are five signs you should look out for. 

01. You’re also experiencing heel pain or ankle pain

Problems in the feet can travel all the way up to the knees due to the increased stress placed on the body’s kinetic chain. Custom shoe inserts can better support the foot and evenly distribute weight to help relieve these conditions.  

02. It’s difficult to get through a day of work

Because of the misalignment and uneven distribution of energy, knee pain can be a common result of misalignment in the feet. This can especially affect those who work jobs that keep them on their feet for long periods of time. Orthotic insoles can help provide lasting comfort and support. 

03. You’re noticing abnormal wear on your shoes

Foot problems associated with knee pain are often caused by increased lateral foot rotation, which can place uneven wear on the inside of your shoes. Custom shoe inserts can promote natural mechanics for you and a more normal stride that decreases wear on your shoes. 

04. You’re experiencing compensatory injuries

People with foot-related knee pain can also experience hip pain and even back pain due to the highly interconnected nature of the lower body. By decreasing the stress on the kinetic chain, custom orthotic shoe inserts can decrease the chances of injuries in other parts of the body. 

05. Your ability to exercise or play sports is affected

Sore feet, knee pain and altered body mechanics can make it hard to stay active. That’s why many athletes who have knee pain find success with a pair of high-quality inserts that are crafted to the exact measurements of their feet. 

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