Custom shoe inserts for knee pain

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Whether you’re running, walking, climbing, lifting or bending, your knees take a pounding as you go through the day. While many people dealing with knee pain turn to knee braces, compression bandages, ice and gentle stretches for initial treatment, it’s important not to forget about your feet.

Like other parts of the musculoskeletal system, the feet and knees are interconnected through the body’s kinetic chain. Basically this means that many problems, such as knee pain, can actually be compensatory injuries that are caused by movement problems in another area, like the feet. For example, if you’ve altered your gait when walking or running to prevent foot pain, it can change the biomechanics of your entire lower body. This can result in added strain to the knees that eventually leads to knee pain.

What to look for in a custom orthotic if you have knee pain

A custom shoe insert can help relieve foot pain and regain your normal foot motion, which can potentially help relieve issues up the kinetic chain, including knee problems. It’s important to always consult with a doctor if you are dealing with any kind of severe pain that does not improve within a few days to a week. If you or your doctor decide to try custom orthotic inserts in an attempt to relieve knee pain, here are a few qualities that are often recommended:

  • Find inserts that provide the right combination of shock absorption and cushion while not interfering with natural foot motion
  • Custom orthotic inserts should be made of durable yet lightweight material for long-lasting comfort
  • Orthotic inserts should match the exact dimensions of your feet, which is why so many people turn to custom orthotic devices

Whether you’re an athlete, a person with a physically demanding job or someone looking for relief from a condition like arthritis, Biocorrect Orthotics Lab has a wide range of insoles to fit your needs.

Biocorrect has a solution for you

Our custom and over-the-counter insoles are designed by experts and endorsed by health care professionals to help you achieve the active life you deserve. We use state-of-the-art technology to analyze the dimensions and mechanics of your feet to provide a natural solution that helps your entire lower kinetic chain. We’ve made ordering custom orthotics convenient by providing our customers with an at-home foam impression kit that helps us create an accurate 3-D model of your foot.

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