Are store-bought orthotics making your foot pain worse?

Biocorrect, LLC


The purpose of any orthotic insole should be pain relief, but some people find themselves in the unfortunate position of purchasing a pair of insoles only to find that they are worsening foot pain. Everyone is different, and there can be a wide range of reasons why insoles are actually worsening pain instead of helping, from a poor fit to lower-grade materials. 

In many cases, people who have bought a pair of lower-quality mass-market insoles give up on orthotics because they exacerbate foot pain. However, many other people have found relief when they were fitted for a pair of higher-quality custom orthotics designed to address their specific needs. 

What advantages do fully custom orthotics offer for foot pain? 

A pair of fully custom orthotic insoles fitted and designed by experts, such as the orthotics we create at Biocorrect, can offer the following advantages to wearers: 

  • Improved foot alignment
  • Increased cushioning and comfort
  • Longer-lasting durability
  • Fitted to your exact measurements to promote natural foot mechanics

Store-bought orthotics can break down quickly, and they may not be designed to properly support your foot type and movement style, causing foot pain to actually worsen. 

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics are designed just for you

At Biocorrect, our experts have been in the field of addressing biomechanical issues of the lower body for more than 25 years. Whether you order your insoles online or come to a Biocorrect office for a fitting, you can expect a fully custom orthotic with a high success rate among our customers. Here is just one of our many customers who was able to find the relief she was looking for: 

“I don't know how I would be able to function without the help of Biocorrect experts! They create inserts that fit ME and allow me to move freely without pain.”

— Kathy S.

We also offer a full line of semi-custom and ready-made orthotics that are made from the highest-grade materials to relieve pain and promote natural biomechanics. Learn more and order the product that’s right for you by viewing our online store.