10 factors to consider when looking for high-quality custom orthotics near you

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When you’re looking for high-quality custom foot orthotics, you may not think you’ll find the most advanced solutions in your immediate area. But you might be pleasantly surprised! Biocorrect has been providing the highest-quality custom orthotics in Kentwood, Michigan, and the Grand Rapids area for over 25 years.

There are several reasons you should consider finding a prescription custom orthotics lab near you. You may need to use an orthotic for several years or potentially the rest of your life. You may need to make a few visits while you’re adjusting to your new orthotic, so finding a lab that’s close by will save you a lot of time and travel expenses.

Your pedorthist will play a key role in your health and well-being, so they’ll be working closely with you to help reduce your pain and make sure you can perform everyday activities. Seeing your pedorthist in person is important because they’ll need to observe how your feet and your orthotic are functioning. You should develop a close relationship with your pedorthist because you’ll need to check in with them often.

This article outlines 10 factors to consider when you’re in the market for high-quality custom orthotics.

10 factors to consider when looking for high-quality custom orthotics near you

If you don’t live in a major city, you may be wondering whether an orthotics lab in your area will have the technology and the capabilities to create a solution that fits like a glove and functions precisely the way you need it to. We’ve been supplying handcrafted custom orthotics right here in Kentwood for over 25 years — and our reputation speaks for itself

We have many loyal clients who’ve trusted Biocorrect with their orthotics needs for up to a decade or more. We serve athletes, doctors, children and people with all kinds of podiatric conditions. We’ve helped hundreds of people with bunions, foot drop, arch issues, tendinitis, fractures and sprains, and other issues in the foot and lower leg. Keep reading or visit us at our store off Broadmoor Avenue SE/Highway 37 to see if we can help you, too.

Consider these 10 key factors in your search for a custom orthotics lab near you:

  • Biomechanical function — First and foremost, you have to know your orthotic will do what you need it to do. Your doctor may recommend a certain style of orthotic and the type of material that will work best for your needs. Even so, there’s a lot of room for customization, and different orthotics labs will use different fabrication and fitting techniques.
  • Relationship with your pedorthist — It can take some time to get your custom fit exactly right, and there’s a good chance you’ll need another orthotic  in the future. You should feel comfortable going back to your pedorthist with questions and concerns. This is important for the following three points as well.
  • Comprehensive assessment — During your first appointment, your pedorthist should conduct an in-depth assessment of your lower legs and your gait (the way you walk). If your doctor is able to send over images or prescription information, that’s helpful. However, there’s no substitute for getting a close look at how your feet are functioning in real time.
  • Level of customization — Many orthotics on the market aren’t truly “customized” because they’re mass manufactured in different sizes, with varying levels of support. Some pedorthists will make adjustments to these one-size-fits-all models, and in some instances, that can be sufficient. But orthotics can also be made to order with 3D printing or handcrafted. If you need a lot of support, immobilization, or correction to your stride, a handcrafted orthotic is the best way to go.
  • Adjustment process — Even custom-made orthotics will need some adjustment when you first try them on. Sometimes you need to walk on it for a few days to tell if the fit is exactly right. Ask about your pedorthist’s policies and processes for making adjustments. They should be able to get you in and out quickly when your orthotic needs tweaking. It’s also well worth it to seek out a pedorthist who guarantees their product.
  • Materials — The materials your orthotic is made of will make a big difference in its total life span. If you expect to use your orthotic for more than a few months to a year, something sturdy with metal or carbon fiber components may be appropriate. If you’re using it for a shorter period of time, for instance, while you’re healing from an injury, you may want something that’s more sustainable or recyclable. Try to find out what your orthotic will be made of and whether your pedorthist offers different options.
  • Production methods — If you need something that’s highly customized, your pedorthist should be making your orthotic in their lab. Sometimes this will depend on the materials you choose. Some pedorthists will perform their assessment with you and then place an order with a manufacturer. This isn’t always the best approach, and in most cases, your orthotic will need hands-on adjustment to get the best fit.
  • Life span — You should have an idea of how long you’ll need to use your orthotic. Is it a temporary solution to use while your body adjusts, or is it something you’ll want to use for several years? Your pedorthist should be able to give you an estimate of how long your orthotic will last and when you should expect to come back for a refitting.
  • Customer satisfaction — Like any other medical specialist, you can get a sense of your pedorthist’s track record by researching what other clients’ experiences were like. As of the time we’re publishing this blog post, we have 61 reviews on Google with a 4.8 average rating. You can also check out our testimonials page for some success stories. 
  • Satisfaction guarantee — Your feet and lower legs absorb the shock of your entire body weight while performing complex movements. Even temporary orthotics need to take a lot of wear and tear. You’ll want to know what kinds of repairs are covered before you have to invest in a new orthotic. Find out if there’s a specific time period when you can make tweaks and adjustments, and what options you have in the event that something happens to your orthotic. 

  • Find your handcrafted custom orthotics specialist at Biocorrect 

    With over 25 years in business, we’ve worked with all kinds of clients with unique orthotic needs in Kentwood and the Grand Rapids metro area. From children to geriatric patients, high-performance athletes and people recovering from injuries, Biocorrect has delivered handcrafted orthotic solutions that support our clients’ lifestyles and their daily activities. We’ve served growing kids, parents and grandparents, marathon runners, physical therapists, and people with common foot problems like bunions.

    When there’s a misalignment or a weakness in your feet, it can result in pain and health problems in other parts of the body. Not only are our clients pleased with the fit and function of their custom orthotics, but many have also found relief from aches and pains in their back, hips and knees. Whatever issues are driving your pain and discomfort, Biocorrect can create a custom orthotic to help get you relief right away.

    You need to rely on your custom orthotic to perform every single day and support you in everything you do. Contact us to learn more about the orthotics we offer or to set up an initial evaluation with one of our certified pedorthists.